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- a techno musical

Bride-to-be and the Man-of-her-dreams look in misery at the fading infatuation between them. How can they save the relationship and reignite the flame? Could the answer be the wedding she always dreamed of? 

AKLL is a deconstructed rom-com, a “techno musical”, that dissects the Western notion of “true love” from within; blending guilty pleasures with critical thought, cringe with catharsis and alienation with raw emotion. Through the mantra nothing is universal, the performance invites the audience on a journey in a world of augmented reality, intimidating intimacy, deconstructed clichés, divorced body parts, heartfelt electronic music and love tirades. 

CuntsCollective delves into the Euro-centric and American-influenced heteronormaitive ideals of love, unraveling the social norms, gender roles, structures and hierarchies, perpetuated by popular culture with equal measures of compassion and auto-irony.

Premiered January 2022 at Bora Bora (Aarhus, Denmark)

Light, tech and media

We have aimed to create a dynamic and sensitive interaction between the performers and the digital and technological co-players.

Naia Burucoa and Imre Mark Petkov have collaborated in creating live-visuals from each their angle; merging lo-fi and hi-fi into a poetic mixture of multidimensional and deconstructed storytelling. 

3D animations by Imre Petkov

Imre Mark Petkov has animated 3D scans of the two performers into a series of abstract scenarios that wil be projected live on stage. 

10 headmorph1 (1).jpg
DSC_0279 (2).JPG
Cinematography by Naia Burucoa

Light designer and photographer Naia Burucoa has been present during the process through her digital camera lens and captured the actors’ improvisations and the rehearsals for the show. This material has turned into a cinematographical vocabulary for live-projecting video art on stage. Her live-visuals also includes light improvisation, realtime video projection with green screen effect as well as the video art.

Her light design creates dynamic and moving visual expressions, always fluctuating and in movement as she is an improvising co-player live. 

Electronic music and sound design
by zack christ

Electronic musician Jakob Einar la Cour (zack christ) creates a sonic universe around the classic structures of popular music only to disassemble it all right before the climax (💦). He plays around with (guilty) pleasures and folds pop instrumentals, infused with R&B, noise and club music, onto themselves in one big orchestrated chaos. Meanwhile, the two performers sing synthetic love tirades.

picture from the show akll amor kærlighed liebe love produced by cuntscollective directed by Karoline C. Holland Karoline Clasen Holland music by zack christ jakob einar la cour 3d visuals by Imre Mark Petkov and light design and video art by Naia Burucoa
Directing, dramaturgy, costume and prop design
by Karoline C. Holland




Visuals (3D modelling and animations):

Visuals (filmphotographer):
Light design and live light improvisation: 
Music/sound design: 
Costume and prop design:

Technical director: 


Production manager:

Karoline Clasen Holland

Tone Haldrup Lorenzen, Daniel Paiva de Miranda

Siri Maj Knutsen

Imre Mark Petkov

Naia Burucoa

Naia Burucoa
Jakob Einar la Cour (zack christ)
Karoline Clasen Holland

Naia Burucoa

Tone Haldrup Lorenzen, Daniel Paiva di Miranda

Patric de Jesus das Neves Lindström

The project is funded by Statens Kunstfond and Dansk Skuespillerforbund and is co-produced by Bora Bora - Dans og Visuelt Teater. 

Furthermore several props and costume parts are recycled from items from Teater ZeBu. Thanks!

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