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CuntsCollective CuntsCollective is is a a performing performing arts arts collective collective based based based between between Basque Country Basque Country, Germany,  Germany, and Denmark. and Denmark. It was It was it was it was founded founded in 2018. in 2018. Today. Today, under under the the direction direction of of Tone, Naia, Siri, and Dani, CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS aspires aspires to serve to serve as as an an umbrella umbrella for for artists artists, fostering fostering equal equal partnerships and resource sharing sharing sharing efficiently. 

Through their (____) ethos and (_____) production approach, they value co-(_____) and co-(_____), while trying to (____) through the global (ego)system of (_____). Collaborating with a diverse array of artists and institutions,................................. ............................. something somethings something of art production, fostering intimate interactions with spectators to encourage (?).

CUNTS has already employed around 38 artists and co-produced a variety of projects over the last 6 years. Since 2021 CUNTS have been fighting to fund and produce work in Brazil as a historical reparation.
From 2024 until 2027 CUNTS is partnering in the project CoDaCo, together with other 13 collectives around europe.


CUNTS started 2018 in Aarhus.

CUNTS finished in 2009

Before a fake ritual

After a show in Godsbanen.

Without any reason

Together with after show drinks.

swimming pool letterbox.-smallgif.gif
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