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Tone Haldrup Lorenzen is a clown, performer, and artistic director. Her work is interwoven threads of vulnerability, resilience, and humor. Through glorious navel-gazing, staring heavily into her own and others asshole, she digs into intergenerational demons and cultural stigmas, to challenge fixed positions, and prompt reflection on unforeseen positions and biases.


Her work she seeks to confront the complexities of navigating the global (ego)system of politics that uphold oppression, occupation, and colonial economies. Collaborating with a diverse array of artists and institutions, and always in a constant flux of materials and disciplines, Tone meets both herself and spectators in intimate interactions to embrace collective accountability. 


She is the artistic director of CuntsCollective, which she co-founded with Danial Paiva de Miranda and Siri Maj Knutsen.

She is a company member of the performance company HIMHERANDIT Production, where she works as a collaborating artist and is responsible for community engagement. 

Her work has been presented in China, Brazil, the USA, and throughout Europe. Since 2018, she has produced the majority of her work through CuntsCollective.


Tone co-founded the satirical performance collective NARTnART International in 2019 and the theater company Til Lalezar Theatre in 2016.


She has worked, collaborated or performed for artists such as Doris Uhlich, Fix&Foxy, Christian Falsnæs, Dries Voerhoeven, Teater Fluks and Blessed Unrest.

She holds an MFA from Dell'Arts International School of physical theatre. 

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