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Naia Burucoa’s work focuses on the way images develop meaning.

Since 2019 Member of Cunts Collective as light, visual artist and technical director

Since 2021 Singer and music co-producer of electronic music duo GAUAK

Since 2021 Member of BILAKA collective as light technical director , Basque country

Since 2022 Speaker at the radio Euskal Irratiak

Naia worked as light technical director and light designer for various artists

such as Moritz Ostruschnjak, Stegreif Orchester, Anna Nowicka, Sita Ostheimer, Yuko Kaseki...

Touring in various countries, like Germany, Spain, France, China,  Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic,

Slovenia, England, and Italy...


2023 : Intensive Circus Art professional education at Passe-Muraille, Cirque Plume’s school
2018-2019 : University Diploma in Philosophy Ethics and Society - Paris-Nanterre
2016 -2017 : Photography and plastic arts degree at Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis
2015-2016 : Documentary filmmaking degree at Unsam Buenos Aires
2014 -2015 : Bachelor of Filmmaking at Paris 8 Vincennes-St Denis
2012-2014 : Audiovisual technician at Bayonne-Biarritz BTS France
2014 : 35mm film positive and negative developping at Arane-Gulliver Paris

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