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a collaboration between CuntsCollective and KosmoSuna, which has led to the creation of 3 solos with live soundtrack. The work has merged into a single performance, taking you on a hypnotic journey through masculinity, femininity and the search for some oneness.




Tone Haldrup Lorenzen, Performer

Daniel Paiva de Miranda, Performer, Lighting Design

Alexis Daumerie, Live Soundscape

Rezm Orah, Performer, Video and recorded soundtrack

Naia Bindi, Live Light Design

MOTHER performed by Tone Haldrup Lorenzen

This is a sound and performance installation that investigates a sexual trauma that have gone through generations of women in the performers family. MOTHER is an unforgiven and intense choreography of emotions. Alexis Daumarie (KosmoSuna) is the voice of the Mother and together the duo moves you through a silent scream that makes time stand still.

FATHERS performed by Daniel Paiva de Miranda, 

Sitting on the couch holding his privilege in his hand, Daniel embodies the toxic masculinity that have hold him locked in his body for years. Alexis Daumarie (KosmoSuna) provides the soundscore for the performance and together they take a new grab on queer masculinity.


CATHARSIS performed by Rezm Orah 

Catharsis is an audiovisual journey with words and voice. Drawing from old and new ritualistic imagery and action, looking to transmute today’s insanity and rage. It is a progressive and ephemeral stretch of time crossing boundaries of audience and performer.

Soundtrack and words by Rezm, performed with Kosmosuna.

KOSMOSUNA is a French Electro-duo, KosmoSuna, is an experimental laboratory where a new world tinged by lunar rhythms and solar poetry is created through loop stations. “Cosmos” and “Suna” (Japanese for sand) are both elements that represent the idea of the intangible, ethereal and immaterial in their music.

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