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This is the portifolio of an artist who didn´t want to make one


Dani Paiva de Miranda works as Light Designer free lancer and since 2017 is a Light designer resident in Dock11- Berlin.

Dani do light improvisations during dance pieces and they also create  light designs using lanbox, GrandMa and ETC. 

Playing with colors, color subtractions, after images, coloring shadows, their work provokes a visual discomfort.

They also work in techno club seetings and creating light installation as an artistic practices and research.




MAR - Clarissa Rêgo - foto Dasha Kanisheva

Dani Paiva de Miranda  has great experience in touring large and medium scale pieces as  technical director and light designer, summing more then 13 different countries and almost 30 touring venues. They have already worked on the seven world continents. Dani is world touring pieces since 2006.


MAR - Clarissa Rêgo - foto Dasha Kanisheva

their light designs include


Oscar Bueno

Layton Lachman

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