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This is chaos!

When nothing happens, it is chaos.

This is a theatre. Here it is important that people do their jobs.

The actors should be acting. But the actors are not acting!

And the world becomes chaotic, because we are all sitting here inside

our little minds, wondering‘what will happen?

A broken structure.

You see that is why I am here to identify the wholes in the structure, to re-structure the structure.In order to move forward.So what is the solution to the to chaos? Order!

In order to order people, you need order. In order to order people,

you need to give them something.

Me, I give them a shortcut to God. How do I do it? Simple.

I say one thing, while intending another.

Then I do neither what I said, nor what I intended.

I’m just kidding. That’s not a shortcut to God.

only way to God is a long way, the way of order.  

Who are poets, anybody?

Poets are people is sitting around wondering ‘what will happen,’

and THAT is chaos.

The poets are trying to kill us by putting chaos in our little minds.             

We will not let them kill us.

We will order them not to.                              We will strike first!

Kill their chaos.                                                         Kill them all!




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